About Us

Over 15 years of providing Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to various sizes of businesses, we know each business requirement is unique and has different challenges. At Aptus, our professional consultants provide our clients with technology solutions that are highly functional and serve to reduce the total cost of owning and operations. Each solution deployment cycle includes hours of business consultation in particular to the industry standard, operation evaluation with effective recommendations, data integration for smooth transition, and staff training with mock database. To guarantee your IT investment, a subscription to Aptus service support continues to offer upgrade versions, training.

Winpos-3000 has been deployed in wholesalers, retailers, and supply chain with a mix of trades across North America and Asian regions. Its dynamic features can be customized to fit truck logistics, inventory control with different points, processing plants, satellite locations, and accounting data centralization, which are functions well fitted in today's enterprises environment.

WINPOS-3000 Enterprise Resource Planning is a solution developed for multi-facilities enterprises. Customers rely on: