Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ QuestionIs there auto back-up feature built into the system?

  • A: Our installation procedure includes an auto-backup at night.
  • A: An off-site back up is strongly recommended. For example, one can backup data to a USB drive.

FAQ QuestionI have trouble logging into WINPOS, what's wrong?

  • A: If you see this error, please check if iServer is turned on.
  • A: if you see this error, check if all current user licences are occupied like this
  • A: If you see this error, make sure password and user ID is correct. Also make sure num Lock is on and CAPS lock is off.

FAQ QuestionInvoice doesn't print, what should I do?

  • A: Check the cable connection between receipt printer and cash drawer.
  • A: Ensure the receipt printer has receipt roll properly inserted.
  • A: Check if the receipt printer is set as the default printer.

FAQ QuestionCash drawer does not open, now what?

  • A: Check the cable connection between receipt printer and cash drawer.
  • A: There is a security key that you can use to manually open the cash drawer. Please store this key in a safe place.

FAQ QuestionCan I delete a customer profile?

FAQ QuestionIs it possible to export sales, customers, and vendors' information to MS Excel?

FAQ QuestionHow do I make an inventory adjustment?

FAQ QuestionHow can I change company information, such as contacts, addresses, and notes?

FAQ QuestionWhy doesn't Purchase Order show cost?

FAQ QuestionHow do I return an invoice?

FAQ QuestionHow can I refund customer deposit and cancel the sales transaction?

FAQ QuestionHow can I add a comment or not add one at the bottom of the invoice?