What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a computer software system used to manage organizational resources. Aptus' ERP provides a way for integration of data and processes within an organization. As a result, depending on their authorization, different departments can check upon this centralized database. Aptus' ERP system is implemented for both large and small organizations.

Benefits of ERP

  • Enhanced Work Efficiency

    Aptus' ERP enhances the efficiency of the whole organization by smoothly integrating its various division. It ensures a quick response to changes in market condiations and also improves the productivity of the company.

  • Integration of Business Functions

    As Aptus' ERP system integrates data and process from different divisions of an organization, it enables easier access and work flow. Its multiple software modules aids the coordination of various business functions in an organization. This centralization of data in one place eliminates the problem of synchronizing the changes made by multiple departments and people.

  • Improved International Operations

    ERP system support a variety of tax structures, multiple currencies and multiple languages, which makes it a truly international software. It is suitable for global operations because of its diversified accounting standards and the ability to manage world-wide clients and resources. Aptus' ERP also assists the improvement of the supply-demand linkages with the remote locations and branches in different regions or countries.

WINPOS 3000 ERP - Software Main Features and Demo


  • Trace the location of your inventory

Delivery/Call Report

  • Know what your customer needs

Item Photo

  • Show clearly of how the item looks like
Sales Order Sales History Pick Slip
  • Interchangeable UPC and item codes
  • Load multi-item with applying the minimum re-order with a click
  • Sales history to gain a better understanding on the customer buying habit
  • Exempt sales tax on qualified customers
  • Real time inventory update for single or multi stores
  • Negative inventory will not hold off any sales transaction
  • Clearly denote the on hand quantity, committed quantity and available quantity
  • Create individual pick slip with sequence number
  • Master picking slip - efficiency in shipping
  • Truck routing function
Sales Order
- Basics
Edit Sales Order &
Print Picking Slip
Efficiently manage multiple stores!
  • Trace exact location of inventory in the warehouse with Lot #
  • Managing the inventory with ACTIVE and NON-ACTIVE items
  • Serialized inventory both for on hand / purchase / sales
  • Web Info - export and link the inventory to the website - eliminate the double entry process
  • Up to 10 different pricing structure
  • Catch Weight
  • Broken cases with different units of measurement
  • Mix & Match
  • Inventory transfer - keeping a tight monitor on the inventory
Inventory Management
- Wholesale
You can even access remotely from a satellite office!
  • Purchase history and sales history - make purchasing decision more accurate
  • Set the selling price on the same screen
  • Built in product label and shelf label - cut down the cost of buying label printing software
  • With a barcode scanner - receiving product is quick and breezy
  • Multi-store transfer
  • Freight Allocation