The most obvious challenge for retailers is keeping up with mainstream technologies which are cost-effective and professional while providing experience for their customers and your management team.

At Aptus, we understand what features are needed in a retail outfit. These include a point of sale system that handles inventory control, barcode readings, barcode labels, royalty program, volume discounts, customers profile, delivery schedules, serial numbers tracking, manufacturer rebate, commissions. The list continues as the retail industry becomes more competitive.

As a customer, you are expected to receive:

  • A professional Consultation and Implementation team
  • In depth hands-on training
  • Online remote training
  • System planning and integration
  • Skilled installation testing and setup on-site
  • Ongoing software support and updates
WINPOS 3000 POS - Software Main Features and Demo


  • Increase impulse purchase opportunities
  • Encourage new business
  • Sell more items at full price
  • Produce a sales lift
  • Increase security & reduce fraud
  • Promote sales during slow periods
  • Create exciting marketing opportunities
  • Get your brand in your customers' pockets


  • Build customer loyalty and increase revenue
  • Differentiate your business from competitors
  • Gain customer insight through comprehensive reports
  • Identify your best customers
  • Drive repeat sales with targeted marketing and promotions
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Drive more frequent purchases


  • Produce precisely where it is needed to reduce mislabeling items
  • Produce different sizes of shelf labels
  • Reduce costs associated with pricing while also streamlining operations


  • Check inventory with more accuracy
  • Saves time and prevents costly errors
  • Provides a better and more efficient customer service
  • Improves visibility of business information in management
Touch Screen Market/Produce Retail
  • Upselling with a pop-up windows for selection
  • Interchangeable UPC and item codes
  • Display item pictures
  • Change Customer without quitting the transaction
  • Capable to hold one customer transaction while serving the next customer
  • Inventory Status entitles more item description
  • Load multiple items with applying the minimum re-order with a click
  • Gift receipts
  • Item discount, invoice discount and proper calculation of applicable taxes
  • Sales history to gain a better understanding on the customer's buying habit
  • Layaway for deposits and installments
  • Real-time inventory update for single or multi-stores
  • Negative inventory will not hold off any sales transaction
  • Clearly denote the on-hand quantity, committed quantity and available quantity
Quick Sales
- Basic
Quick Sales
- Intermediate
Sales History &
Layaway Demo
Efficiently manage multiple stores!
  • Customer royalty program - points accumulate for buying items
  • Able to Manage the inventory with ACTIVE and NON-ACTIVE items
  • Serialized inventory both for on-hand / purchase and sales
  • Web Info - export and link the inventory to the website - eliminate the double entry process
  • Mix & Match
  • Automatic matrix items generation
  • Inventory transfer - keeping a tight monitor on the inventory
Inventory Management
- Basics
You can even access remotely!
  • Purchase history and sales history - make your purchasing decision more accurate
  • Set the selling price on the same screen
  • Built in product label and shelf label - cut down the cost of buying label printing software
  • With a barcode scanner - receiving a product becomes quick and breezy
  • Multi-store transfer
  • Freight Allocation
Quick Purchase
- Basic